Cobwebs & Dust

On April 11 of 2013, God gave me a dream; I was in a room filled with furniture coated in dust and cobwebs. The dust covered cobwebs and the untouched prey reflected how long that room had been left abandoned. Some of the furniture had sheets draped over them as if to say that this room had been abandoned. I could see that it was my sister’s room. I was standing in that room in utter bewilderment that my sister would choose to live this way. As I began cleaning and vacuuming the room, I kept looking over at her and making the comment over and over “why are you choosing to live this way?” It made me sad. In my dream I was asking God about my sister because I knew that my sister didn’t keep her house this way, The Lord said to me, “Your sister represents all of your sisters”. We choose to live with the pain, the heartache, the bitterness, and unforgiveness. We have hidden away; stuffed down very deep the wounding of our past in a room where no one is allowed to enter into. Not even God.

When I woke up, I wondered why God specifically used my sister Patricia and not my sister Kimberly in this dream. When I shared my dream with a co-worker, I was encouraged to look up the meaning of my sister’s name. So, I did. Patricia means; Of Noble Decent. WOW! I instantly knew why He used the one sister in my dream. He wanted to relay who we are to Him. We are the daughters and descendants of the most loving King! A King that has great desires for each one of us. A King that created us to live in freedom. A King that wants each one of us to allow Him in to bring the healing in our lives that only He can bring. He wants access to the room that holds all of our pain.

Have you ever watched the show Hoarders? That show is a good picture of what a heart filled with pain looks like. You have stockpiled all of the things that you think you can’t do without. You find comfort with all of the stuff you have surrounded yourself with. No one can dare enter. You might move things around a little. You intend to get rid of some stuff, but you merely just relocate some things. We do that. We hold onto our stuff. We intend to seek healing someday, but the pain keeps us from moving forward. Our hearts remain filled with dust-covered cobwebs and things hidden beneath the dusty old sheets. Someday maybe…..

Uncovering the pain and allowing God to heal you is a painful process. It is one worth taking though. There are many good Christian Counselors out there willing to help you take the journey. The pain won’t and doesn’t last forever as long as you move forward in the process. You will rejoice that you took the journey to freedom. The freedom you experience and the person you become is well worth processing. I can say with confidence that my life is now lived in that freedom and it is amazing. It didn’t happen overnight. It took time but I have been set free!

Don’t put off the amazing life that is available to you. You don’t want to come to the end of your life wishing you had made the journey, and, that someday was now too late.

God can restore and redeem the past if you let Him.

“He heals the broken-hearted, and binds up their wounds”
Psalms 147:3

The word bind means to wrap up, to stop

The word wounds means an idol, a pain or wound. We make idols out of our pain.

My sisters of noble decent, you are daughters of the King! A good and loving King. Not a tyrannical king. A King that has desires for you to live in freedom from past hurts, past wounding, past choices made, un-forgiveness and bitterness. Would you allow Him into the inner room of your heart? You know that room you’ve closed off and have kept God out of for far too long. God wants to heal and restore you. Will you allow Him to do that? Would you open the door? He won’t barge in, He will gently begin the cleaning process. He will restore you to the daughter He designed you to be. A daughter of the most wonderful and loving King!

Open the door!