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Next Conference: March 16, 2019 in Chico, CA!

Our Mission

at Hearts Being Healed

Hearts Being Healed’s mission is a ministry of women sharing their journeys.  Our purpose is to provide a safe place for God’s Holy Spirit to heal and restore their hearts.

Our Conference operates as a religious charitable organization.  We serve women by sharing varying life experiences of pain, restoration and hope by telling our stories so that the women attending may find God’s healing in their lives.  This conference is designed to promote redemption and restoration.  Our desire is to proclaim hope so that women will learn to live the remainder of their lives without the shame and guilt that shackles them; to live in God’s holy freedom with restored dignity!  We want each woman to realize their value and to leave the conference with renewed HOPE, HEALING & PURPOSE!

Conference Details & Locations

This one-day conference takes place in Chico, California.

Chico is the birthplace of Hearts Being Healed Conferences and the Chico Conference has been an annual event since 2005.

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This one-day conference takes place in Portola, California.

The Portola Conference began in 2014 and holds an annual event every fall.

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This one-day conference takes place in Yuma, Arizona.

The Yuma Conference held its first conference this year and looks forward to hosting the conference annually.

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