My Biggest Hope

I am learning the biggest hope I get to have as my house burns down is not in a place. It’s in GOD.

I am learning that people from all over can act as family and dear friends irregardless of whether they know us or we know them.

I am learning that GOD is big. And bigger than even the disappointments I may initially have.

I am learning about HIS faithfulness when things are choppy and uncertain. I get to see how HE provides.

I get to see HIS faithfulness is not based on where I live. Or where I don’t. It is also not based on where others live. Or where they don’t. I get to learn that GOD will be faithful irregardless.

We thought we’d always live in a town called Paradise. But I am learning that GOD is BIG even if we don’t.

GOD is big in Gridley as we relocated there to stay with a family I had only ever met once. HE is big in South San Francisco where I met with 2 longtime girl friends who shopped with me and helped me buy formal clothes and accessorizing shoes for a family member’s funeral when I had none after the fires.

GOD is BIG in Chico where we relocate to without any furniture with four of my kids, a dog, a cat, husband, and 2 rabbits and didn’t even have enough toothbrushes for anyone or beds to sleep on, a pot or pan to our name, etc., and where friends who we met for only a few months and acquaintances and literal strangers filled our home with most everything we have in there today.

GOD is BIG. I am experiencing GOD to be BIGGER and more personal than I could have ever imagined Him to be.

And finding HIM not to be limited by any geography, any relocation, any evacuations, any unprecedented mountains I find myself in. And if you know JESUS, we have that same blow-you-away GOD. If you don’t, at any time, like even now, you can simply ask aloud for Him to show Himself to you. And HE will. Even through your difficulties or your tears? Yes. HE will show himself. How do I know? Because GOD does that with me. ❤️

Love to you, no matter what city, no matter what town, no matter what place, because JESUS can reach you there, 💖
Sharon Tong

(December 7, 2018)